Specializing in Grandfather Clock Repair for Howard Miller, Sligh,
Ridgeway and Herschede grandfather clocks.

Serving West Palm Beach, Palm Beach and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Palm Beach Clock Repair has over 75 years of experience.

We are a complete service and repair company specializing in Clock Repair and Service.

Grandfather clock repair and Service, Wall, Mantel, Antique, Atmos and 400 Day clock.

We are service representatives for all the major manufacturers.

We are authorized warranty service representatives for Howard Miller and Ridgeway Clocks.

We offer house calls for Grandfather clock repair and service. 
We also provide free pickup and drop-off for all wall and mantel clocks.

For your convenience
Our business hours are 9am-5

In West Palm Beach Florida your drop-off Location WBWP Channel 57,
Drop-off hours are Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


West Palm Beach,Florida

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